わたしたちは、障がい者や女性が活躍できる職場環境づくりを推進しています。 会社見学のお申込みはこちらから
  With a focus on 20 disabled individuals who perform processing of automotive components, our actions to help those grow into full-fledged employees are explained in an easy-to-understand manner with actual cases results.

  This DVD introduces our work instruction philosophy and specific actions taken for securing permanent employment of the intellectually disabled considering characteristics of them. We hope this information will be of help to you, especially
 ■ people who want to learn methods of instruction and education for the intellectually disabled,
 ■ people who employ or plan to employ the intellectually disabled,
 ■ people who want to learn how to interact with the intellectually disabled,
 ■ people who want to prepare a workplace environment for the intellectually disabled,
 ■ families of children with intellectually disabilities, and/or
 ■ people who want educational materials for promoting understanding towards the intellectually disabled.
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Contents of the DVD
[Main disc: DVD]
  Retaining Employment
  Approach to Work Operations
  Developing Sustained Concentration
  Sustained Motivation

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  Subtitles   In Japanese and English
  Region Code   Region 2
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  Recording System   NTSC
  Screen Size   16:9
  Number of Discs   1
  Production&Sales   TG Welfare Co., Ltd.
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  Recording Time   29min

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